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At key strategic points on the frame such as the hinges, the frame is rounded into a soft curve to ensure there are no harmful sharp edges. The lenses are also treated with a scratch-resistant coating that Rudy project rydon dust and prevents water droplets from adhering to its surface, keeping your vision clear under almost any environmental condition.

Prescription Filter Founded in northern Italian city of Treviso in by Rudy Barbazza, Rudy Project have always existed on the crest of a wave, constantly innovating and reinventing to produce some of the world's finest eyewear for competitive spirits.

Rudy Project works in cooperation with athletes from all fields. Selected Rudy Project models feature adjustable temples for a fully-customised fit with perfect grip. Frame colours vary from the understated to the outright wild, with something to satisfy every taste.

The nosepiece is also adjustable for fit. These lenses will enhance contrast, even in darker conditions, improve visual acuity and depth perception all while providing unparalleled eye Rudy project rydon. This treatment is designed to enable water slipping on the surface, to prevent stains and fingerprints and to make cleaning easier.

The Tactical model has black temples and a black logo. With a simple application of pressure you can twist and contort the temples into any direction.

The prescription lenses are glazed by Shamir, using FreeForm technology. It is more adjustable and should be better for both comfort and non-slip Here are some photos showing the range of adjustment for the nosepiece: While these frames may look delicate, they are anything but.

This also makes Rudy Project frames brilliantly compatible with cycle helmets! With a wealth of lens options at hand, Quick Change means you'll never need to be caught out by failing light, unexpected showers or whiteouts! Accessories Rudy Project hard case included Microfibre cloth for protection and cleaning Prescription The Rudy Project Rydon is also available in prescription form.

Heritage With three decades of experience in sports optics Rudy Project have rapidly expanded to provide eyewear to every corner of the world, and to some of the greatest pro athletes. A pair of Rydon Tactical eyepro with photochromatic clear lenses along with a spare set of red photochromatic lenses were soon on their way.

Both sets of lenses I ordered are photochromatic. This cutting edge technology ensures excellent optics, and is proving extremely popular on these sports sunglasses.

Rudy Project Prescription Sunglasses

The Venturi effect conveys air throughout the frame, ensuring perfect vision and comfortable ventilation without disturbing vision.

These brand new Rudy Project lenses are in perfect condition. Monel A nickel-copper extraction characterised by a high level of resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures. Grilamid is flexible, safe and resistant material that Rudy Project uses in many frames to offer durable and comfortable sunglasses.

Rudy Project have designed their frames to allow for the quick and simple switching of lenses, meaning adapting to changing light or weather when on the go couldn't be easier.

New without tags Location: But what can sunglasses do to prevent damage to your vision and other elements? Ideal for athletes and weekend warriors who demand performance but accept no compromise when it comes to appearance, RP Optics are t he industry benchmark in polycarbonate lenses thanks to their high impact resistance and the wide selection of coatings and colours available.

Offer a lightweight, durable and technical problems. Alpacca A metal composite of sterling silver with a small amount of nickel to increase strength and durability. They are designed by biometric engineers and tested by professional athletes to provide unparalleled comfort and a perfect fit.

The prescription lenses are glazed by Shamir, using FreeForm technology. All Rudy Project sunglasses are designed with sport in mind. The insert can be integrated easily and rapidly into the sunglasses without interfering with their functionality. For particular light conditions, Rudy Project offers technically advance speciality lenses with high visual quality tailored to your needs, The various lenses enable you to perform and excel in any light or atmospheric condition you may encounter.

Make sure you look at my feedback rating to see that I only sell exactly what I advertise and have NEVER had a single negative feedback.

OK, maybe not … So how does all the ergonomic genius work in real life? Or they are just getting old and you want to freshen up your favorite sport glasses, or add to your lens options, these are the lenses for you!

Rydon Readers Rydon Readers are pre-mounted sunglasses conceived for sportsmen who need support for reading and no compromises in term of style and functionality.

Rudy Project have designed their frames to allow for the quick and simple switching of lenses, meaning adapting to changing light or weather when on the go couldn't be easier.

With this system, lateral protection and stability in the event of impact are maintained. A magnifier lens is seamlessly integrated within the lower part of the RP Optics sun lens to help you reading and looking through maps or devices screens such as mobile phone, GPS, cycle-computers, and heart monitors.

Which is exactly what Julie told me in the first place.Rudy Project | Rudy Project Singapore Rudy Project pays attention to the needs of athletes with sight defects and has created a broad range of prescription cycling glasses.

The lenses can be tailored to individual correction needs. You will also find the same qualities of safety, technology and style in Rudy Project cycling helmets and cyclewear.

This is the Official Rudy Project website, technically cool eyewear. Rudy Project offers a wide range of sunglasses and prescription glasses, helmets, goggles and sport accessories.

Rudy Project - Official North American Store - Purchase cycling helmets, sunglasses, sport prescription sunglasses, and more.

Elevate Your Performance. Featuring photochromic, polarized, and. Rudy Project RYDON Golf Racing Red polycarbonate fixed tint lenses.


Removed unused from a new sunglasses pack. Will fit all models of Rydon frame. The Golf Racing Red is. View our range of Rudy Project Sunglasses at SmartBuyGlasses Malaysia. FREE Delivery & Day No-Hassle Returns on all items. NEED ASSISTANCE CALL OR EMAIL TOM or [email protected] Rudy Project RYDON Shooting Kit Matte Black Frame with laser Copper.

Rudy project rydon
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