Short essay on deforestation and afforestation

Increasing human population, increasing crowd, increasing competition in the world force human being to cut the forests and establish well developed cities or farms or land for harvesting. Deforestation is a big problem in India as well as other countries. Out of this has emerged much practical experience.

Europe's forests are growing by 0. Sometimes special tools, such as a tree planting barare used to make planting of trees easier and faster. Dissertation abstracts online xml essay writing for esl students names.

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Short Essay on Deforestation (537 Words)

Best writing essay hooks ever no poverty essay definition creative writing short story journeys doing my essay kalamazoo. We should think about the reuse and recycle of the papers things without wasting them to lessen the need of plants cutting.

With fewer trees, our soil does not have as much support and much silt is released into the waters, resulting in loss of soil and more flooding.

Forests are very necessary for us and our future generations to enjoy and live a healthy and peaceful life in the healthy environment free of pollution.


All the negative effects of deforestation cause many health disorders and most importantly lungs and respiratory problems. In the last century, our earth was covered with the forests everywhere however now-a-days only some counted forests exist.

Forests plays great role in balancing the human life and environmental cycle by regulating the water cycle, production of soil, providing habitat for animals, providing oxygen, utilizing harmful CO2, regulating environmental temperature, preventing soil erosion and many more.

People are changing the forests into the land forms for getting more wood, fuel, harvesting, making farms, building home and cities to live comfortably. Only trees native to the local area are planted to ensure genetic integrity. My favorite music genre essay artist essay topics for philosophy upsc.

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Woods are considered as the primary product of the forest and structural component of the physical requirement of the human being.

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Just imagine the planet without water, life is not possible. Cutting plant is not bad however cutting it permanently is bad. Study in group essay language problem solution essay write road accidents how to scholarship essay hpr 4 seasons essay cafe ielts essay on technology in education hook writing essay words how to behave essay healthy lifestyle what is ideal job essay ceo shopping at the mall essay research article for review latex essay tell about your friend urdu computer opinion essay xenotransplantation.

The regular cutting of the forests is creating lots of negative effects over the climate, environment, biodiversity, whole atmosphere as well as threatening the cultural and physical survival of the human being.Deforestation has so many negative consequences on the environment.

One of the most immediate effects is the loss of habitat of many species of animals. Thus, deforestation can alter the earth’s biodiversity making a lot or rare species even more extinct. Deforestation Essay 5 ( words) Deforestation is the finishing of the forests by the human beings.

Deforestation Essay

Increasing human population day by day is increasing the need for land on the earth for agricultural, industrial, residential, commercial, cities and other purposes which involves permanent forest removal. Afforestation is the establishment of a forest or stand of trees (forestation) in an area where there was no previous tree cover.


[1] Many government and non-governmental organizations directly engage in programs of afforestation to create forests, increase carbon capture and carbon sequestration, and help to anthropogenically improve. Essay about afforestation and deforestation effects.

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About ramzan festival essay dissertationen ethernet always be positive essays. Afforestation is the process of planting trees, or sowing seeds, in a barren land devoid of any trees to create a forest. The term should not be confused with reforestation, which is the process of specifically planting native trees into a forest that has decreasing numbers of trees.

Short essay on deforestation and afforestation
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