Top 10 filipino scientist

Salcedo - biochemistry, nutrition, physiology Gregario Velasquez - pioneered Philippine psychology and madethe first intensive study of Myxophyceae or blue-green algae Teodula MTopacio Jr - worked with leptospiral disease ofdomesticated animals Joventino Soriano - contributed to the work on plantcytogenetics and mutations Angel Alcala - is behind the invention of artificial coralreefs used for fisheries in Southeast Asia.

It was invented by Tantay Food and Sauces after they discovered that their dried fish were turning into liquid when stored with salt in earthen jars. His method is used by doctors worldwide in diagnosing drug dependency in infants.

Louis Pasteur — Pasteur contributed greatly towards the advancement of medical sciences developing cures for rabies, anthrax and other infectious diseases. This great scientist was died on 18th October in Invented in by Roberto del Rosario.

Philsugin Award - Crop Society of the Philippines 8.

Name at least 10 filipino scientist and thier inventions or contributions to the world?

The Department of Science and Technology claimed that it has developed "Tubig Talino", an iodine-rich drinking water that treats micronutrient deficiencies responsible for goiter, mental and physical retardation, and birth defects.

Gregorio Zara - discovered the physical law of electricalkinetic resistance called the Zara effect Prescillano Zamora - is best known for his research in plantanatomy-morphology including the taxonomy of Philippine ferns andthe discovery of more fern species.

Jose Rodriguez is a noted Filipino scientist and researcherwho has invented methods of controlling leprosy. Doctor Fe Del Mundo - credited with studies leading to theinvention of an improved incubator and a jaundice relieving device. Carmen Velasquez was a noted Filipino biologist.

It is small, a size of cigarette lighter, low power and cheap and can be integrated into everything from wristwatches to cars. In order to achieve the texture of the pastry, it must undergo an eleven-stage baking process. So much genius stuck inside an ordinary human life.

Roberto del Rosario, a Filipino is claiming the right for the invention of the Sing-Along-System SAS that eventually led to the development of Karaoke, a Japanese term for "singing without accompaniment".

However, the dates are all wrong for this being possible. Galileo — Creating one of the first modern telescopes, Galileo revolutionised our understanding of the world, successfully proving the Earth revolves around the Sun and not the other way around.

Who Is The Top 10 Famous Filipino Scientist And Their Contributions?

Also invented the process of pasteurisation to make milk safer to drink. The hydrogen can then be used to power the car engine. However, the dates are all wrong for this being possible. Daniel Dingel claims to have invented a water-powered car. Banana catsup is used as a substitute for tomato catsup, widely popularized by Max'sone of the biggest fried chicken restaurant chains in the Philippines.

It is traditionally cooked in clay pots lined with banana leaves. The recipe for banana catsup was created by Maria Orosa y Ylagan. And if it does work, a water-powered car would be a fantastic invention.

Who are the 10 most famous filipino scientists?

His research in electricity and kinetics laid the foundation for quantum physics. Kuntaw and Silat are separate martial arts that have been practiced in the islands. Julian Banzon researched methods of producing alternativefuels. The term can be loosely translated to "[rice] cake".

The invention was finally patented in November Felix Maramba built a coconut oil-fueled power generator. Gregario Velasquez -pioneered Philippine phycology and madethe first intensive study of Myxophyceae or bluegreen algae Teodula MTopacio Jr -leptospiral disease of domistecatedanimals Joventino Soriano - plant cytogenetics and mutations Angel Alcala is behind the invention of artificial coralreefs used for fisheries in Southeast Asia.

Despite all the publicity about labor and jobs and so on, there MUST have been some Filipinos who, through their own ingenuity, invented products to fill a need. Benjamin Almeda designed a food-processing machine. Filipino scientist, Doctor Paulo Campos is a specialist in nuclear medicine and the award winning writer of over seventy-five scientific papers including: Abelardo Aguilar in Roberto del Rosario has patented more than twenty inventions making him one of the most prolific Filipino inventor.

Paulo Campos built the first radioisotope laboratory in thePhilippines. At the University of the Philippines and -M. Alfredo Santos is a noted researcher in the chemistry ofnatural products.


A Filipino invention, though born from necessity, ingenuity, and thrift. InRudy Lantano Sr. Doctor Lourdes Cruz - has made scientific contributions tothe biochemistry field of conotoxins.

Ramon Barba invented practical flower induction treatments.Filipino Scientists Uploaded by rinlacer This is the list of Filipino Scientist or Philippine scientist who in one or another contributed their work in the field of Science and Technology.5/5(46).

Cybermetrics Lab named scientists and researchers as Top Filipino Scientists based on their performance according to their Google Scholar Citations public profiles. Sixty-four researchers of the University of the Philippines made it to the Top Filipino Scientists/Scholars by Webometrics.

Who are the 10 most famous filipino scientists?

Rolando De La Cruz - Filipino Scientist Filipino scientist Rolando De La Cruz invented an anti cancer skin cream. Fe Del Mundo - Filipino Doctor Doctor Fe Del Mundo is credited with studies leading to the invention of an improved incubator and a jaundice relieving willeyshandmadecandy.comative fuels.

This article discusses Filipino inventions and discoveries the details the indigenous arts and techniques, cultural inventions, scientific discoveries and contributions of the people of Philippine islands — both ancient and modern state of the Philippines.

Jun 23,  · Filipinos are Top 10 Happiest People in the World, any comments? 10 filipino scientist with thier contribution? Name some 10 Filipino Biologist and Their Contributions?Status: Resolved. In the Top 10 List this time we write about Top 10 List of famous scientist of all time. All the information in the Top 10 List is confident.

List of Filipino inventions and discoveries

So this Top 10 List of famous scientist will help you to extend your knowledge. 1. Albert Einstein.

Top 10 filipino scientist
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