Transference and counter transference essay

This could not be written larger Inthis chapter on transference, and in others, Cooper could be more precise inhis dissection of the problem he is raising. This is the challenge of psychotherapy, to accept our limitations, welcome the constraints our souls place on us and shrink into who we are - it is no coincidence that psychoanalysts are called shrinks.

The client notices your insecurities and tries to assuage them. It is important for the therapist to understand the role that of transference and countertransference, and deal with those emotions in such a way that the core of the counseling relationship is not shattered by these feelings.

What the Field theorists saw was that their technique allowed the therapist to include more of themselves in the relationship.

But, it is also essential to understanding the patients andanalysts sometimes malignant efforts to pretend that it is not there.

It's all personal, in the body but the source is different. To answer the discussion questions, review these items to help you tease out the pros and cons of your argument, 1 Definition of transference and countertransference, 2 Freud's view of the role of the therapist, and 3 the short essay and the clinical correlate on self-disclosure.

Dependent Pattern Transference of Dependent Client The client sees you as a nurturing mother or father and becomes overly dependent on you. The relationship between the client and the counselor is mediated by so many different variables like age, gender, and ethnicity. From references he makes in The Psychology of the Transferenceand as the Cross diagram implies, it is easy to forget Jung's caveat that his book is not for the beginner and applies only to the more obstinate cases.

Instead, what is central isthe analysts intention to create conditions for the patients increasing self-reflection and freedom to act through a focus on unconscious fantasy con-flict and interpersonal influence and impact. The rush to naming an experience confines it, lops off the edges, making it into something we believe we can handle, move around, cope with, or control rather than letting it have its own uniqueness, life and vivacity.

A Disturbance in the Field: Essays in TransferenceCounter Transference Engagement

As the psychotherapeutic work - or what their ego's believe is the psychotherapeutic work - continues, the therapeutic alliance develops and sessions pass. Starting the therapeutic journey from the wrong place.

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Co-transference as described by Jung is neither directly or indirectly accessible to either therapist or client. Another way to describe Coopers project is to emphasize the deadeningrole that the analysts narcissism can play in clinical work.

Such early interventions are the stuff of projective identification when the analyst feels he knows what is going on right away, or if not, assumes that knowing what he feels, or thinks, or The client picks up on clues about your pain or life struggles and tries to engage you in talking about them.

Transference and Countertransference

In otherwords, Cooper came to feel that something was up with Jamess apparentself-loathing and he needed to find ways to address it with his patient. And yet, as Cooper says, the analyst has his own mindand a relative privacy of self that has direct, if often unexplored, effects onthe patient.

The tension in such situations is not to be under-estimated. The face to face, ego [2] to ego relationship between therapist and client.

In the descriptions below, I will assume that you are the therapist. This is a wise and mature book. You tend to blame difficult clients and feel that they are impossible. If psychotherapy were just lengthy discourse, blankness would be merely a bore.

This brings the experience of being met, penetrated, fulfilled, and all the feelings of consummation.Transference and countertransference describe two commonly occurring scenarios within a counseling relationship. Both transference and countertransference represent the manner in which the client acts and feels toward the therapist and vice versa.

Lastly, transference and counter transference are elements that may occur in therapy that can affect the clinical relationship between counselor and client. Transference occurs in therapy when a client redirects emotions and feelings, often unconsciously, onto the therapist (Feinstein, N.D).

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Assignment 1: Discussion Question: Transference and Countertransference. At an inpatient residential treatment facility, a depressed client unrelentingly begs the. The categories of transference, counter transference and dependence in counseling practice should be clear and understandable to the counselor.

What is Countertransference?

Each counselor should be able to determine these processes and to deal with the in timely manner. 1:Counter transference. Order Description. Psychiatry Assignment Question: Counter transference – In words, briefly outline key features of the history of a patient you have seen and cared for (ideally reviewed progress on at least occasions).

Transference and counter transference essay
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